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Christine Signing 'Dark Temptress' Prints
Signing Dark Temptress

Chicago Comic Con 2012 
Three Amigos   The Girl With the Moth Tattoo
Mac 064   Heroes and Villains
Walk Softly and Carry a Big Ax   Kelly and Clyde
The Dark Knight Rises   Judge Dredd
Red Sonja   More Batmania
Zeldriia's Magic Progression 
Zeldriia's Magic Progression Zeldriia's Magic Progression Zeldriia's Magic Progression
Guardian Angel Tattoo House on Gryphon Hill Tattoo Headhunter Ogre Tattoo
Gen Con 2004
Batman CK and Jeff CK and Pepsi Guy
CK Autograph CK and Vampires Dancing Girl
Gen Con 2002
Clyde and Kelly Christine Christine and Doug
Christine and Doug Clyde and Brom Christine and Calye
Space Girl Christine and Chris Christine and Dragora
Tattoo Clyde and Christine Christine and Storm Troopers

Gen Con 2001
Clyde and Sharon Knight Predator
Wings Wings 2 Armor
Leather Girl Elvises Pretty Dress
ck ck and Tim ck and Calye
ck and Klingon Clyde and Kaluta Alan Pollack
Donato Larry Salvatore

San Diego Comic Con International
Booth Clyde and Sharon Time Machine
Time Machine 2 Time Machine 3 Elmore at Work
Pasties Pasties 2 Venessa
  Venessa 2  

The Leopard & the Serpent Sculpture
Leoands 2 Leoands 3
Leoands 4 Leoands 5 Leoands 6